About the Center

The Center for Computing Education Research (CCER) is an inter-disciplinary, research-based, praxis-oriented knowledge center at the IT University of Copenhagen.

The center studies what computing is, how it is taught and learned, as well as how to teach and apply it in connection with different disciplines (such as, e.g., architecture and law). The center is also interested in how to incorporate gender and minority inclusion and how to incorporate online teaching/learning activities.

A Short Introduction to the Center

People working
CCER Main Research Areas

1) What is computing and computational thinking?

2) How to teach & learn computing and computational thinking?

3) How to apply & teach computing and computational thinking in other disciplines?

4) How to foster well-informed, critical reflection about computational technology and its use?

5) How to address diversity and inclusion in computing?

6) How to incorporate online teaching/learning activities?